Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Book Recommendations

Bree recommends A Spell Behind Bars.  She says, "I like this book because it's a mixture between mystery and scaryness.  It is the second book of the series.  It's by Bovayne.  The first book in the series is A Turn in the Grave.  p.s. from me:  These books are a little hard to find, but worth it.  They are written in Roald Dahl style.

Finn recommends Swindle.  He says, "I recommend it because it is about some kids who have a valuable baseball card and someone stole it.  They try to get it back.  You will like this book if you like suspense and adventure.

Aiden says, "I recommend the Boxcar Children.  I like the whole series because they are mysteries and I like mysteries.  The books have very good details and I can visualize it perfectly."

Tiernan recommends The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  He says, "It is about a boy named Greg who has a no-so-good life with his bully-brother Roderick, his little brother Manny, and his mom and dad.  He goes to school with his best friend Rowley.  It is a series of books about this boy.  I recommend these books to people who like humor."

Kaytee recommends Dork Diaries.  She says, "I recommend this book to people who like Diary of a Wimpy Kid,  and humor.  This book is about a girl in Middle School name Nikki and she thinks her life absolutely STINKS!  Read this book and find out if she keeps her boring old life or dies trying to change it.

Cole recommends Goddess Girls:  Athena the Wise.  He says, "At the beginning Athena finds out that she is a goddess, not a human and has to leave her best friend.  You will like it if you like Greek Mythology."  Bre also recommends this book.  "I like this book because it gives a little bit of facts about Greek Mythology.  I like the main character because her dad is Zeus.  I like to laugh about this book, because her mom is a fly.  I recommend this book to readers who would like to learn some Greek Mythology."

Me again.  Wow, this turned into quite a blog post.  I still have 10 more to go.  So the rest I'll intersperse with other ideas.  I'm excited that I've figured out more about how to place the book covers and even make them smaller.  I'm learning right along with my Schmardies!

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