Monday, July 25, 2011

Last of the Book Recommendations!

   Wow, now that our new year is about to start, it's time to finish our book recommendations.  I'm going to leave off the pictures this time.
   Boone's favorite was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Boone says, "I liked it because J. K. Rowling made it seem as if it was really happening.  I recommend this book to you if you like magic and scary things.  My favorite character is Harry."
   Katelyn recommends How Puppies Grow by Millicent Ellis Selsam and Neil Johnson.   She says, "You will like this book if you like dogs.  I picked this book because I know I love dogs."
   Corey's pick is Mister Monday.  He says it's "Because it has lots of adventure.  What got me hooked on this book was when a boy named Arthur was in P.E. and on a run when asthma strikes him!  There is only 1 thing that can save him... A key... to the kingdom..."
   Max liked Nancy, You Call This Wasting Time?  A comic book by Jerry Scott.  Max says, "I would recommend this book for those who like comics and things that are hilarious.  The author really got a picture in my mind when I was reading this book.  But it only has an O.K. vocabulary.  Why don't you try it out?"  (p.s. from me - not sure if this book is still in print - it belonged to my own children who are grown now.)
   Summer recommends Rent a Third Grader by B. B. Hiller, "because it has a happy ending and nobody dies!  It's a good book for people that like horses and lots of different settings.  I also think this is a good book for boys or girls.  I encourage you to try this book!"
   Gregory liked The Secret of the Old Mill by Franklin W. Dixon.  He says, "I recommend this book to readers who like strange mysteries.  It's about two kids who get into a mess with two cases:  the counterfeit case and the sabuting(?) case.  They get in and out of trouble.  What kind of trouble?  How?  To answer these questions you will have to read the book."
   Luke recommends Titanic by Anna Claybourne and Katie Daynes "because it tells the exciting story of how this "unsinkable" ship had such a tragic end.  The book lets you discover the luxury and greatness of the ship, as if you were actually there.  From and Irish shipyard to the North Atlantic Ocean, this book follows the ship's story."
  Cooper liked Weird But True 2.  "I recommend this book because, I learned 10 new things from it.  And it has 300 facts, like:  Your eyes produce a teaspoon of tears every hour.  It's on page 127."
   Garret's love all year has been the R.L. Stine books.  This time he recommends Weirdo Halloween.  "I like this book because it is scary and that it is set on Halloween.  My favorite character is the orange alien."
  Sorry Savannah - you didn't put the book title on yours, and I didn't catch it before you left for the summer.
This has been a rather eclectic collection, determined by our classroom library and their home libraries, and also, I suspect, by their latest read.  This was a great authentic writing assignment, and the students did it with relish.  I can "hear" our mini lessons and book talks in their writing.  We'll definitely do this again!

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  1. Bravo!
    Always love to hear what kids say about books. You work with Gifted kids, and you are gifted at getting them excited about reading and sharing!
    I'm writing these titles down!!